Monday, 29 April 2013

Settling in


I'm feeling very bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and raring-to-go this morning, but Mum and Dad seem to be feeling a bit tired - I don't understand it! 

I had a lovely day yesterday, my first whole day in my new forever home, and I've met lots and lots of new friends. Mum was a bit put out that our first visitor caught her in her scruffiest puppy-handling clothes early yesterday morning, and she said the cottage was much too messy for visitors, but I thought it was really nice to meet a lovely lady from the village who made lots of fuss of me and told me she has two dogs who are waiting to meet me and play with me when I'm a bit bigger. Then we had more visits from people in the village who said they had been waiting to meet me, and wasn't I big? And then lots and lots of family people came and made a lot of fuss of me too! I've got lots of big brothers and sisters, but I don't think they can really be my brothers and sisters cos they're human. But that's what Mum said they are so I'll humour her. 

They were all surprised to see how big I am too! And they're all much friendlier than the cats!
This is one of the cats sneaking up on me when I was having a snooze!

She never comes this close when I'm awake!

Dad and Molly put some chicken wire over the fence at the end of the garden yesterday, so I can't get out and chase the sheep and the little lambs out there. 

I'm not bothered; I'll soon dig underneath that! I've already had a little practice at digging and tried eating some of the things growing out there but Mum and Dad don't seem to want me to do that!

Mum has told me about all of you lovely new friends in Blogland, and she says you have all been saying really nice things to me. She's read them all out to me (I can't read them myself, but I'm sure I'll be able to when I'm bigger!) and we're going to visit all the blogs of all my new friends as soon as Mum gets time (she says she is very busy cos she has to give me lots of cuddles and takes me out in the garden a million times a day to do my poos and wees). 

Today Mum says we have to go somewhere called the Vet. I expect that will be someone else making a lot of fuss of me and giving me cuddles too! I hope so. We have to go in the bumpy-ride car again. I don't want to but Mum says I have to get used to it!

Oh well, I'd better have a bit of a nap first I suppose...


Annie xxx


  1. There is going to be so many wonderful adventures ahead of you little Annie. We are sure your mom and dad are going to feel a bit over whelmed for the next few weeks...having a new fur baby in the house can do that...but it will pass once you all get into your routines. He he...just remind them to never under estimate how clever we are at finding mischief though. It looks like you have a beautiful place to live.

    1. Thank you Reilly-Denny, I think I'm going to like it here!
      Annie x

  2. Annie, so glad you like your new digs, now about the lambie & sheppie guys, yep you need to practice getting along so you can run with them. Ohhhh, and you will get to enjoy them bumpie car rides!

    The Mad Scots

    Pees: while you are a puppy, milk up all them cuddles & huggies, better bone up on begging for treats also, and get lots of naps in Mom & Dads lap while you are a small gal!

    Pees Two; Moms right, that water bowl is no place for your toys!

    1. Hee hee, I've already figured out that they give me a treat every time I squat for a wee in the garden, so I do it even when I don't need to wee!!!
      Annie x

  3. Annie we can see you are going to be a very smart Aire girl.

    Hope the VET was nice to you and gave you loads of cuddles. Just beware of Vets with long instruments (thermometers) coming at you from the rear. It is not pleasant.

    Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie

  4. hi annie!
    welcome to the blogworld :)

    sanne and us are newies to ^^ well we did blog about 2 years with our angel brother el'bow

    see you later

    hauwii and little brother

  5. We can't believe that kitty sneaked up on you while you were sleeping, Annie!
    Good luck at the vets. We hope they give you treats!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  6. Happy I am to hop over to see you ANNIE!!

    I'm a Labradoodle named Sophie and if you need any security protection, just Doodle Call me and I'll be there, pronto!!


  7. Hi Annie
    Welcome to blogland, I came over from Mitch & Molly's blog.
    I'm following you so will pop over from time to time and check out what you have been up to :)
    Have a Good Week
    George xxx

  8. Hi Annie and welcome!!! I am a pal of Mitch and Molly and I am hoping you and I can be pals also. You are super cute and I can't wait to get to know you. Please come and visit when you can.

    Loveys Sasha

  9. Oh, the nerves of that kitteh sneakin' ups on you while you were snoozin'!!! Well, that won't last long....
    I am so glads to hear you are settlin' in your new digs Annie! I do loves them. I wouldn't mind havin' a little 'splash time' in that water bowl of yours!! BOL