Saturday, 4 May 2013

A whole week since my Gotcha Day!

Mum says she can't type my blog for me while I'm racing around and chewing the laptop and biting her toes. I thought these lady humans were supposed to be able to multi-task, but apparently not!
So I've agreed to take a nap in my crate while she types, on the condition that the crate door is open so I can pop out to check she's still there whenever I want.

I've had a busy few days since she last blogged for me, so I hope she remembers everything I've asked her to tell you all!

It's been a whole week since my Gotcha day when Mum and Dad brought me to live here in my forever home, Poppy Cottage

I've been helping in the garden

Dad had to fence off the flower bed cos I kept eating the flowers - 

Hee hee, does he really think THAT will keep me out?

I've checked out all possible exits

I've chased the cats

I've been out in the bumpy car again, this time I went to the big pet shop to choose a new collar

I've already grown out of the old one!
I wasn't allowed to get down and have a good sniff around though, and Mum says I'm getting a bit heavy to carry around!

I've had more visitors and more new toys

Me? Chew the rug? No! I was playing with my new Kong toy, honest!

I've had lots of cuddles with Mum

And with Dad

And lots of snoozes

With my blanket that Mum made specially for me

And anywhere I happen to be when I feel sleepy!

See you all again soon!
Lots of licks and bites love
Annie Airedale



  1. Annie, you had one very busy week, bestest of all your va happy pupper, like that collar. Yep, Dad's in for a rude awaking about that garden fence, Heeheehee. You got that sleepin thingy done already, and so many different places!

    The Mad Scots

    Pees: Them legs are getting long!

  2. that second to last photo is out favorite - we just want to scratch that little tummy and ewww and ahh over you. It looks like you have got the garden well sorted out and now the fun part really starts Annie - now you get to stat training the peeps. Shhh here is the secret - make them think they are training you - but we know how it really works don't we !

  3. You look beautiful in red! Keep those kitties honest!
    Happy 1 week Gotcha Day, Annie!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  4. Oh gurl! I loves the red collars, too!! I thinks they look FABulous against our black and tan furs!
    I loves how your already keepin' the kittehs in line. That is a VERY important job Annie! hehehe
    Oh, and I see you have my favorite sleepin' position down ~ Ma calls it the 'bunny pose', I just call it comfy! bol

  5. Oh, I almost forgots, I likes eatin' the greenery too! If you visit my bloggie, all of Ma's plants are in 'jail' (behind doggie fences) cause I STILL like sampling them! BOL

  6. Oh Annie, you are just THE cutest! Look forward to your adventures, keep an eye on that MOM, sometimes they have treats!
    see ya,
    Woody Airedale, Portland Oregon