Tuesday, 30 April 2013

'appy airedale news

Hello everyone!

I can't belieeeeeeve how many new friends I'm making on this blogging thing! Mum reads them all to me and I keep telling her to reply to EVERYONE who has visited my blog here but she hasn't got round to everyone yet ....
 She SAYS she's tired! 
No idea why. 
She just stepped in a little puddle I left in the kitchen so it's maybe not the best time to be asking her to blog for me! 
She says yes she will, as I'm such a good girl! 
I think she loves me!

I am an 'appy airedale!

I've had a very busy couple of days.
Yesterday I went to see the vet. She was very nice, and all the other ladies there were nice too and they all made a fuss of me!
Just what I like!
Mum had to take me outside for a while cos the alarm at the vets was being tested and the nice ladies said I might not like the noise. I liked it outside watching the cars go past, but Mum said I'm not allowed to get down and sniff around until I've had all my injections.
Talking of injections....
That nice vet put a BIG needle in me!
You will be pleased to know I was VERY brave and didn't even whimper.
Then the vet had a look at my teeth and said I may have to have some taken out cos they are sticking in my mouth and might make me sore.
I wasn't very happy to hear that, I NEED all my teeth to BITE with!

When we came home we had MORE visitors! Another nice man and lady in the village brought me a lovely new toy. I am a lucky girl!

This morning we had a visit from a man who Mum told me is the Dogfather. He had come to meet me and to tell Mum and Dad some things that might help them to train me. 
I stayed asleep for a lot of the time he was here. Mum said I was extra tired cos of the injection I had yesterday.

I've been spending lots of time in the garden

 I think it's so that I do my wees and poos out there

 Mum and Dad always tell me I'm a very good girl when I do it in the garden (but not when I do it in the kitchen and Mum treads in it!)

This fence isn't going to stop me getting in the field for long

I'll dig my way out when they're not looking



Dad wants to take me out for a play with my new ball so bye for now!

Monday, 29 April 2013

Settling in


I'm feeling very bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and raring-to-go this morning, but Mum and Dad seem to be feeling a bit tired - I don't understand it! 

I had a lovely day yesterday, my first whole day in my new forever home, and I've met lots and lots of new friends. Mum was a bit put out that our first visitor caught her in her scruffiest puppy-handling clothes early yesterday morning, and she said the cottage was much too messy for visitors, but I thought it was really nice to meet a lovely lady from the village who made lots of fuss of me and told me she has two dogs who are waiting to meet me and play with me when I'm a bit bigger. Then we had more visits from people in the village who said they had been waiting to meet me, and wasn't I big? And then lots and lots of family people came and made a lot of fuss of me too! I've got lots of big brothers and sisters, but I don't think they can really be my brothers and sisters cos they're human. But that's what Mum said they are so I'll humour her. 

They were all surprised to see how big I am too! And they're all much friendlier than the cats!
This is one of the cats sneaking up on me when I was having a snooze!

She never comes this close when I'm awake!

Dad and Molly put some chicken wire over the fence at the end of the garden yesterday, so I can't get out and chase the sheep and the little lambs out there. 

I'm not bothered; I'll soon dig underneath that! I've already had a little practice at digging and tried eating some of the things growing out there but Mum and Dad don't seem to want me to do that!

Mum has told me about all of you lovely new friends in Blogland, and she says you have all been saying really nice things to me. She's read them all out to me (I can't read them myself, but I'm sure I'll be able to when I'm bigger!) and we're going to visit all the blogs of all my new friends as soon as Mum gets time (she says she is very busy cos she has to give me lots of cuddles and takes me out in the garden a million times a day to do my poos and wees). 

Today Mum says we have to go somewhere called the Vet. I expect that will be someone else making a lot of fuss of me and giving me cuddles too! I hope so. We have to go in the bumpy-ride car again. I don't want to but Mum says I have to get used to it!

Oh well, I'd better have a bit of a nap first I suppose...


Annie xxx

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Welcome to my world!

My name is Annie.... and I am an Airedale.

Well, my new Mum and Dad say that I'm an Airedale, but I don't really know what that means!

See that picture over there with the red flowers? Well that's my Mum's picture from her blog at Poppy cottage, but she says I can have this blog all for myself to tell you all about what I get up to!

Yesterday I was living in a room with my first Mummy who was like me but a lot bigger,  and with lots of other little puppies like me. Most of them were nice and they were fun to play with and to bite! Some of them bit me a bit too hard and I didn't like it much.

This is a picture of me with my first Mummy and some of my brothers and sisters

And this is a picture of me when I was 4 weeks old, when I first met my new Mum and Dad

Cute wasn't I?

Now my new Mum says I'm 8 weeks old, so I get to come and live with her and my new Dad.

Yesterday they came to my room and collected me. They brought another person with them, who is a bit smaller than them - they said she is my neice, whatever that is, and her name is Molly. 

Then my new Mum carried me outside - yes OUTSIDE! 
Oh the smells I could smell! 

Then me and Molly and Mum and Dad all got into a big thing like another room, but they said it was a car.
I didn't like that much, it was very bumpy, but Mum cuddled me all the way until we got 'here'.
'Here' is where Mum and Dad say is my new forever home.
Mum carried me inside - she said I'm not allowed to walk on the floor outside until I'm bigger, except in something called a 'back garden', whatever that is!

The first thing I did was a big wee on the floor of my new room - Mum and Dad call it a kitchen.
But no one was cross.
Then I met three other people who live here 
They are CATS.... and they don't like me much and keep running away.
All I want to do is sniff them, but they go all silly, and their tails go all big and bushy and they HISS at me!
What a cheek!
One of them even swiped at me and hurt my nose. I cried and my Dad gave me a cuddle. Mum says she is going to cut their claws so they can't hurt me.

Do you want to see how big I've grown?

This is me in my new kitchen room

 I get very thirsty

Everyone makes a lot of fuss of me

This is my new bed

This is the mean cat who hurt me

 I was very tired so I decided to have a nap. 
Mum says this pad is for me to wee on, but I like sleeping on it!

Mum says I've been a very very VERY good girl. I've done nearly all my wees and poos in the garden, and I slept ALL night in my new bed and Mum says I didn't howl all night!

Well I'm feeling a bit sleepy again right now, so I'm going to take another nap in my cosy new bed.

I'll be back to tell you more about me another day!