Monday, 2 September 2013

I'm 6 months old today!!!

It's my birthday!
Well, not really my proper birthday, but I AM 6 months old today!
This is me looking rather lovely in the kitchen this morning..

 And here I am guarding the garden

 I've been very busy since I last persuaded Mum to write in my blog...

Deciding which chair is going to be MINE...

 Finding a comfortable position in the bumpy car....

Scrounging the odd lamb bone....

Meeting up with friends - this is me with my cousin Hugo, he's 9 months old now

Trying out the cats' favourite sleeping space...

 Learning to swim... well, nearly!

And having lots of fun playing with my cousins!

I've told Mum she needs to help me write my blog more often.
She says when I stop chewing her furniture and digging up her garden she might have more time!
What a cheek, I'm only trying to help!
Lots of love