Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Out and about with Annie Airedale

Hello all my new friends, and thank you for all your good wishes over my errrr.... 'little trouble' after the vets!

I'm better now and back to my happy, waggy-tailed and mischievous self!
The vet told Mum that I had a bad reaction to the anaesthetic.
Mum says next time I have to have one Dad can look after me and she will go shopping!!!

Guess what?
I'm allowed OUT now!
I've had all my injections and I can go ANYWHERE I like!
Well, anywhere Mum likes really, but she has been choosing some pretty cool places to take me!

We've been on picnics

We've walked in Harrold Country park and Emberton Country Park

We've walked in Salcey Forest

We've walked through fields

And by rivers

And in Castle Ashby Gardens

I've had a great time exploring!

Mum and Dad bought me two leads; a nice long one so I can run about and explore and SNIFF everything!
And a short one to 'walk nicely' on the pavement
I don't much like 'walking nicely'

I like the long one best!

Except for when silly Mum didn't notice an electric fence and I got ZAPPED!
That wasn't very nice!
And now I just refuse to go in that field AT ALL!

Mum and Dad also bought me a harness

Mostly it's to strap me in the car with
But when we went out I managed to wriggle out of it so we don't use it for walking!

See you soon!