Monday, 2 September 2013

I'm 6 months old today!!!

It's my birthday!
Well, not really my proper birthday, but I AM 6 months old today!
This is me looking rather lovely in the kitchen this morning..

 And here I am guarding the garden

 I've been very busy since I last persuaded Mum to write in my blog...

Deciding which chair is going to be MINE...

 Finding a comfortable position in the bumpy car....

Scrounging the odd lamb bone....

Meeting up with friends - this is me with my cousin Hugo, he's 9 months old now

Trying out the cats' favourite sleeping space...

 Learning to swim... well, nearly!

And having lots of fun playing with my cousins!

I've told Mum she needs to help me write my blog more often.
She says when I stop chewing her furniture and digging up her garden she might have more time!
What a cheek, I'm only trying to help!
Lots of love

Thursday, 11 July 2013

You won't believe how much I've grown!

Look at me!
See how big I am now?

That's me with my Dad in the back garden. Soon I'll be able to reach the top of the fence!

I've grown so big I've had to have a new collar and harness. Don't you think I look smart? Mum and Dad took me to the pet shop to get it fitted.

And just look how big I am - I think my head is bigger than Mum's already!
Must be all my brains!

I'm not really supposed to be sitting on the chairs! I won't fit in this one much longer anyway!

Do you want to know what the best thing is about getting to be a big girl?
I'll tell you...


I've been having so much fun!
I get lots of extra treats like chicken and sausage!
Mum uses them as bribery (as if I need bribing!) to make sure I come when she calls me!
I usually do anyway....
Unless of course there's something more interesting than sausages and chicken...

Yesterday I decided not to come when Mum called me 'cos I wanted to lick a man who was lying on the grass reading a book by the lake! 

And then we met some people having a picnic so I decided I'd go see what they had to eat.

They didn't mind. I did a beautiful 'sit' and 'down' for them. The lady wanted to give me a biscuit but Mum said NO! She said I have to learn NOT to go jumping on people.
It's hardly MY fault if they go lying down on the grass is it?
A girl can only resist so much temptation!


Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Out and about with Annie Airedale

Hello all my new friends, and thank you for all your good wishes over my errrr.... 'little trouble' after the vets!

I'm better now and back to my happy, waggy-tailed and mischievous self!
The vet told Mum that I had a bad reaction to the anaesthetic.
Mum says next time I have to have one Dad can look after me and she will go shopping!!!

Guess what?
I'm allowed OUT now!
I've had all my injections and I can go ANYWHERE I like!
Well, anywhere Mum likes really, but she has been choosing some pretty cool places to take me!

We've been on picnics

We've walked in Harrold Country park and Emberton Country Park

We've walked in Salcey Forest

We've walked through fields

And by rivers

And in Castle Ashby Gardens

I've had a great time exploring!

Mum and Dad bought me two leads; a nice long one so I can run about and explore and SNIFF everything!
And a short one to 'walk nicely' on the pavement
I don't much like 'walking nicely'

I like the long one best!

Except for when silly Mum didn't notice an electric fence and I got ZAPPED!
That wasn't very nice!
And now I just refuse to go in that field AT ALL!

Mum and Dad also bought me a harness

Mostly it's to strap me in the car with
But when we went out I managed to wriggle out of it so we don't use it for walking!

See you soon!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Back from the vet

I'm back from the vet

Mum says she thought I should be sleepy after the anaesthetic, but I'm not. 
I'm all bad tempered and growly.

Mum says she thought she would get to snuggle on the sofa with me.
But if she comes near me I BITE her!

I am not a happy puppy!

Friday, 17 May 2013

Aire busy week

I've had a very busy week!

Last weekend Mum and Dad went out on Friday night so Molly came to look after me.
Wasn't that kind of her?
I invited her into my crate for a cuddle

Then on Saturday night they had lots of people round for dinner.
They wouldn't let me have any!

not even when I howled!

On Sunday we went out in the bumpy car to the big shop again.
I still wasn't allowed to get down and walk round cos of the germs.
Mum says I'm getting too big to carry round now!
We bought a long long wire thing so I can be out in the front garden when Mum and Dad are doing the weeding and not run into the road.

On Monday I had to go to the vet.
She tricked me!
She gave me some treats, and while I was eating them she stuck a needle in me!
Then she squirted some stuff up my nose - I didn't like that either.
And then she gave me some more treats - I thought it was to say sorry, but then she stuck another even BIGGER needle in me. 
It was sore.
It made me bleed.
Dad said it was a microchip so I can't get lost or stolen.
Mum said nobody would want to steal me cos I'm too much like hard work!!!!

Then the vet lady looked at my teeth. 
She says I have to have two teeth taken out so my jaw can grow properly.
Mum isn't happy, she doesn't want me to have something called a general anaesthetic.
But the vet says if I don't have it done I might always have problems with my teeth, even when I get my growed up teeth, so I'm going to have it done next week.
I'll try to be brave.

On Tuesday I went out in Mum's bumpy car. 
Usually we go in Dad's car and Mum holds me, but this time I sat in the boot all on my own!
It was scary and I kept having to look over the seat to check that Mum was still there!
We didn't go far, just to another house in the village.
Mum said next time I will be able to walk there!
I got to play with another doggie called Tia.
Mum says she is a cocker spaniel.
She runs very fast!
But she shared her toys with me so I played with her a bit!

There's meant to be a video of me playing with Tia in here but Mum says she can't get it to load!

That was a pretty exciting and tiring few days, so I've spent most of the rest of the week playing in the garden

And cuddling Mum

And eating

and sleeping

And being just plain Airedorable!

Lots of love
Annie Airedale

Friday, 10 May 2013

Ten weeks old today!

Guess what?
It is two weeks since my Gotcha Day!
AND I am ten weeks old today!

Mum says I'm growing like a weed!
I've been having lots of fun

 I've been helping Mum in the garden

Can you see that hole behind me?

I didn't need to use the digger thing, I just used my paws!
Dad wasn't pleased
So I gave him my sad look

It worked!
I got to cuddle him on the sofa

Mum says I'm not supposed to be on the sofa

So why did she make me such lovely cuddly blankets and PUT them on the sofa?
I don't think I'll ever understand humans

This is my growly face
It keeps those pesky cats away

I asked Mum where the cats sleep
They obviously can't sleep on MY sofa

She took this photo to show me where they sleep

On the bed?
The human bed?
What a cheek!

I do most of my sleeping wherever Mum is

 Under the chair

Or just under her feet!

Mum says I'm being a good girl - most of the time
She's teaching me lots of fun things, like COME, and SIT
If I do what she says I get a treat

Lots of love
Annie Airedale